Culture Queen

I was sittin in meh yard

Watchin dem people ah go by

A woman run up to meh wit mad in she eye

She say you! You show meh di way

Meh say look around yuh nah from here di way is di same

She say nah meh have no muddah and no faddah

Now meh haffi stand to meh feet

Meh look pon she

How dare a kinswoman lie

Meh say woman .. you woman

You on di run

She mad eye turn madder

Yuh nah know meh she say and wit dat she pull out she cutlass

Meh say look here woman

Yuh see di I

Meh sit here in meh yard cool cool under di shade

All dis here from di Culture INI made

Yuh com here and disturb I peace and ask meh to show yuh di way

Culture is di only way woman and di Culture is she yuh see

Mad woman

Woman yuh mad .. Yuh nah see yuh ask di way of the Culture Queen

Farashuu Ahadi Sakina 2017©

Artist :GD Bee



The Congo Square Connection

As a child of New Orleans, I know and have always loved Congo Square with our rich history coupled with the Value and Strength that have been empowered to us by our Ancestors. Even though the Congo has been influenced by colonialism you can still hear and see the Roots of our Culture translated through Music and how this has also been captured in New Orleans!