Bon Fête! Bon Mardi Gras! Bon Zulu!

Bon Fête! Mardi Gras Bon Fête!

Meh Zulu down the lane wit mask in hand

Footwork to dat African beat

Step, dip, twirl, jump and twist

Meh know di Truth ah di Cultah

Go Voodoo child Go!

Is dat rhytm dat keep di Queen Of New Orleans in  she steady heartbeat

Meh, Maaardiii Gras!

Fête until we tired cause we do it nicely

I see My Ancestors in dat Parade chile

Floatin down dat street

Throw me something, Mister!

Yuh guard dat Queen’s Seat

Shower me Oh Queen with Blessings

Make meh life Nice and Sweet

Twirl under my umbrella

Jump a second line!

Laissez le Bon temps Rouler!

Bon Fête! Bon Zulu! Bon Mardi Gras!

Farashuu Ahadi Sakina 2017©