May this Crescent Moon Bless all IFA Devotees


Whether the Orí of Ìká is tight Or it is loose It is one’s Orí that gives one the good fortunes Cast divination for Dendere The mother of the Moon crescent in heaven ‘Would I see good things at all…

Source: May this Crescent Moon Bless all IFA Devotees


Omi Tutu

Omi Tutu

Meh say Omi Tutu

Come Cool Wata

Cool Wata Come

Now is the time for Culture to spread her Healing touch.

Mami Wata O

The childen are crying

Mami Wata O

The people are needlessly dying

Mama Ezili O

Our Culture is trying its hardest

We need Omi Tutu

Cool Wata

Cool Cool Wata

Omi Tutu

Farashuu Ahadi Sakina 2016